Monday, 18 November 2013

Oh Cheryl

To the tune of Oh Carol
A farewell to a retiring work colleague

Oh Cheryl, you are going away,
You're going to leave us
 In just another day
Tell me will you ever think about us
Or will we be gone
Out of your memory
In the far beyond?

Oh Cheryl, what are we to do
Here on this Care Floor, 
When we don't have you?
There will never ever be another,
None to take your place
That loving nature
And that smiling face.

Oh Cheryl, we can understand,
You're going to Kingston
T ' lend a helping hand
To your daughter as she still does study
Needs a mother's care,
But oh Cheryl, 
Is it really fair?

Monday, 30 September 2013

Birthday greeting

(added to the verse on the birthday card)

Looked through a few
As I thought of you,
I really have been blest,
This said it all,
From your friend Col.
These sentiments were best.

So H.B.D.
To you, from me,
Youre one I wont forget,
With hugs and love
From up above,
Thats north, - not in Heaven yet.

Monday, 16 September 2013


          So what's your best achievement,
          Nigh four decades have passed,
          The thing that makes you oh so proud,
          To make your name to last?
          For some it's their accomplishments
          Or academic gain,
          Still others, the career they chose,
          Which kept you all so sane.
          Perhaps it's working hard and sore,
          Which enabled you to thrive,
          While paying in, so you could gain
          That "Freedom fifty five".
          For me, it's nothing that I did
          That I am pleased to say,
          But something that was done TO me
          Which makes me proud today.
         The syndrome that I had from birth,
         Preventing living full,
         Some of you may have witnessed it
         But thought I was a fool.
         I couldn't be a teacher
         While standing 'top the class
         If I took ill those pupils would
         Have thought I was an ass.
         A fireman, nurse, policeman
         Were doors slammed in my face,
         So why get a diploma
         To watch them, me abase?
         So trudging on, I laboured sore,
         Though suff'ring woe and grief,
         Wondering if there was in sight
         A sign of some relief.
         The greatest moment in my life
         Now twenty two years free,
         I was anaesthetised for my
         Prefrontal lobotomy.
         For thirty two long tiring years
         Those seizures I endured,
         Preventing me from 'living'
         BUT I'm thrilled that I've been cured.

         Ten hours under the scalpel,
         But I came through, with prayer,
         Then weaning off the mass of pills
         I'd had, - it seems, for e'er.
         I have the dent upon my skull
         At present, hid by hair
         But should that fall I'll not be 'shamed
         To tell why it is there.
         So YES, it's proved, I HAVE a brain
         They found it, I'll confess,
         But hyphen is a MUST for this,
         When I say, I'm brain - less.

Saturday, 13 July 2013


No words can heal the sorrow
Nor ease the aching pain,
Just know one thing for certain,
You'll re-unite again.
And then 'twill be for ever
In that grand Heaven above,
But now, as hearts are breaking,
We're sending you our love.

Fifteen years


 Fifteen years already?

 It seems like yesterday,

 When Granda walked you down the aisle,

 To give his girl away. 

While at the front, your two men,

 both who would 'marry' you,

The first who would pronounce the vows, 

The second, say "I DO" 

But how the time has vanished,

 A new man in your life, 

Though he's yet small, he will grow tall 

and then get him a wife. 

Though you think 'that's the future',

 'Twill fast and furious come,

 Then you will be the 'in-law' 

And then, a new 'grand-mum' 

Then watch with pride and honour,

 The grand-children appear,

And recollect, like 'yesterday' 

The many 'yester-year'.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

RESPONSE TO THE NEWS "Canada’s poet laureate writes one poem in two years"

He scribes one poem in just two years?
That fact alone brings me to tears,
To write a verse, and so in rhyme,
For me, takes very little time.
This past weekend, why, I did ode
A five verse poem, at friends abode,
Took me, down side of half an hour,
To pen the words which show some power.

So if you wish, don't hesitate 
My name, for this post, nominate, 
I will ascribe in rhyming form 
More poems than he who seems to dorm; 
Or by chance he has writers block, 
If so his title, should defrock.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Love you, my friend

I had to send this greeting,
The sentiments are true,
No other way to say it,
Just "Thanks, for being YOU"

A bond, it has developed,
We're closer it appears,
I thank God for this friendship
And pray it lasts for years.

You are unique, that's certain,
Like you, there is none other,
And I've no qualms in saying
"I love you, as a brother"

Saturday, 15 June 2013

My Dad

For thirty years you've fathered,
But not that long for me,
You've shown me love and friendship,
And done it all for free.

I love our time together,
While riding in your truck,
With you as my dear father,
I have massed out, on luck.

The barbeques and hockey,
You're almost like my twin,
But you support Chicago,
Though Boston's gonna win.

I crave the care you give me,
It's shown in all you do,
And while it's seldom spoken,
I really do love you.

So on this day to honour
The 'pater' of our clan,
With love, I send this greeting
To my beloved 'old man'.

Happy Fathers Day

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Wedding Speech May 27th 1989

Ladies and gentlemen, Your Honours, Members of the jury,

Since I'm not used to doing this,
This 'public speaking' part,
I thought I'd do it all in rhyme,
An ode, straight from the heart.

Now this wee girl sat on my left,
Aye, Liz, she'll have my life
If I am to omit that she
Is to be termed 'My wife'

So on my wife's behalf and mine
This twenty seventh of May,
Our thanks to every one of you
For adding to our day.

But first of all I must express
My sincere gratitude
To mom and dad of Campbell clan,
I dare not them, exclude.

You see, (cough) years ago this day,
Was born, my little pet,
And if mom hadn't borne this child,
I wouldn't be married, yet.

And then again this Campbell clan,
They really are so grand,
They brought Liz back, for me to court,
And then gave me her hand.

We met, as most of you well know,
In Stricklands, by the sea,
And Cupid took the form of two,
John and William Montgomery.

Again I must express my thanks
To clan of Campbell's head,
Not only for giving me Liz,
But laying on this spread.

Don't take it too bad, daddy 'C'
When you add up the cost,
Sure it's a son that you have gained
And not your daughter lost.

Then there are also my own folk,
My mum and dad so dear,
Who've guided me throughout my life,
From year to coming year,

My thanks especially to dad,
Who drove me in his car
From our house to the train station
And even miles afar.

Your services were needed dad,
A friend to me you've been,
And I can tell you, from my heart,
I love you, this I mean.

There's also mum who stayed behind
Preparing all the food
For Liz, when with us, she did stay,
I give my gratitude.

The families clothes you've laundered well,
For nigh on fifty years,
At last you're free from all of that,
So mother, Why those tears?

To Brian, Robert, Douglas, Bill,
And Best-man, 'Arfie' too,
This day would not have been the same,
If it were not for you.

You see, this 'penguin' and his wife,
In 'French Maid' style, to-do,
My breakfast on the lawn, did give,
For everyone to view.

To Jonathan and Gillian,
You really did excel,
And thanks to John and Billy too,
Your presence made our day swell.

To all our many other friends,
Who've proved themselves with seals
Of true friendship, we thank you for
The use of your four wheels.

Take Wesley, coming from his work,
He's really such a guy,
Would sometimes bring Liz home to me,
Sure he'd be passing by.

But poor old Wes, he's not all there,
His memory's really bad,
Oft' times when Liz he'd to collect,
I'd to revert to dad.

I'll tell you of his best excuse,
'Least this is what he says,
He'd not been working on Monday
And got mixed up ont' days.

He'd to collect Liz from her work
On Tuesday after four,
On Wednesday it dawned on him
'Tuesday was day before'.

But still there's many more to thank,
Too many to recall,
For fear of leaving some one out,
Our thanks to one and all.

So now to you in lands afar,
Who could not rise and go.
For your best wishes, we do send
Our thanks, via video.

It's pretty hard to write in verse,
I'm sure you would agree,
So I'll close now, lest it gets worse,
I hear you laugh, with glee?

However, there's one thing I've missed,
I've mentioned all, but these,
And that is of our two bridesmaids,
Who've done their task with ease.

The elegance and beauty there,
My wife to compliment,
Of Marion and Karen, one
Would swear, were 'heaven sent'

And so I ask you, raise your glass
To my wife's special aides,
And toast to 'health and happiness'
I give you, the bridesmaids.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Last Mother's Day.

Today's a day that's special,
Dedicated just for you,
With love and thanks for doing
All the special things you do.

While short term memory's failing,
Your long term memory's rife
And we can still learn from your
Experiences in life.

Though roles have been reversed now,
It's now we who care for you,
So on this day you're given
All the love that you are due.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Big Jake

 There is a man known to me and you
                        Who was on the beat here in Waterloo,
                       With many a crime, he helped to break
                         And well of him, his comrades spake,
                                               Big Jake,
                                        Big Jake, no flake,
                                          That’s our Jake,
                     Big Jake.

          And so this man that we all know well,
                        A placid guy who would not rebel,
                         A gentle giant, make no mistake
                  Now everyone knows he’s for real, not fake,
                                              Big Jake,
                                       Big Jake, no flake,
                                         That’s our Jake,
                     Big Jake.

A Harley D. countless years he rode,
                    Arresting many a criminal toad,
             To ‘Jimmy’s Lunch’ these toads would take,
       With his appearance, they would ditch their steak,
                                    Big Jake,
                             Big Jake, no flake,
                               Jake the snake,
                                    Big Jake.

A quiet man with an impressive voice,

To get one better would be a tricky choice,

 A mighty bass with a thunderous quake,
His lowest note ’ill make foundations shake
                                               Big Jake,
                                      Big Jake, no flake,
                                        That’s our Jake,
                                             Big Jake.

For forty years he’s sung with this group,
He hits the note hard, never hear him scoop,
He’ll welcome you warmly with a firm handshake,
Devoted and true he will not forsake,
Big Jake,
Big Jake, no flake,
That’s our Jake,
 Big Jake.

               So now we honour this mighty man,                 
                          Been here since whenever this choir began,                           
                             And men, like him, they just don’t make,                          
                              There aint non other who can overtake                                                  
                                                Big Jake,
                                         Big Jake, no flake,                                                  
                                   And everybody values him,
                           Big Jake.
                                                                                                  Colin Ross

Sunday, 20 January 2013

I love you dad.

I told my dad, while on his bed, assuming he did sleep,
In hospital, [he'd not come home] with tears my eyes did weep,
“I love you dad”
Then hugged him tight, while feebly he replied
THAT’S the thing I cherish, since he died.

With forty years age difference, while young, we were not close.
He wasn't very tactile and nor was he verbose,
But as we aged, did closer grow, in ways he’d show his love,
We’ll meet again, don’t know the ‘when’, – the ‘where’? – in Heaven above.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

New Kitten

We got a brand new kitten,
At three months old, - a 'tom'
And since the last was 'Sheeba'
We named him 'Solomon'
But had to make it shorter,
Though not as short as 'Mo'
So chose the first four letters.
Now he is called 'Solo'

Friday, 11 January 2013


                   This girl has been my partner,                  I have not known her very long,
                   My friend, most of my life,                       I know her through my mamma
                   But most of all, I’m proud to say             Quite soon though, I’ll be sharing her,
                   She’s my beloved WIFE.                       To me, she is my GRANDMA.

                   She’s there for all her family,                  We’ve known her various lengths of time
                   Like her, there is non other,                    On her we can depend,
                   A confidante and trusted pal                   We’ve worked, had fun and spent some time
                   To us, she is our MOTHER                  To us, she is a FRIEND.

                  We’ve loved her since before her birth,    So now this girl, who special is,
                  As any parent ought to,                            Her titles, she’ll defend,
                 We loved her then, we love her now,        Of  WIFE and MOTHER, DAUGHTER great,
                She is our precious DAUGHTER.            Of SISTER, GRANDMA, FRIEND.

                We might have had our differences,           But one more title she has earned,
                At times would not have missed her,         ’Twill last in years, just ten,
                But blood has ties that can’t be broke,       Since five decades have passed, she’s a
                She’ll always be our SISTER.                  QUINQUAGENARIAN
                                                                                                                           Colin Ross

ADIEU : Phil and Sharon

           Goodbye, It seems so final,
Through life we’ll say a few,
But really it is very hard
To say ‘Goodbye’ to you.

Now fifteen years of service,
We’ve grown in leap and bound,
With Bible based true preaching,
His Word was always found.

But now we must be parted,
Though pleased, our time we’ve had,
With you and Sharon leading,
To have known you, we’re all glad.

We know God’s hand is present,
He’ll lead and guide your way,
Especially as you trust him
And in His will obey.

So farewell Phil and Sharon,
We’ll often think of you,
But ‘Goodbye’ seems so final.
So we’ll just say ‘Adieu’.