Monday, 19 June 2017

Christie & Brent

                       Your eyes are radiantly sparkling
                      My eyes are wet with tears
                      As I  look back through th'ages
                      Remembering special years
                     When Pompa named you 'Pickle'
                     Though 'Dingle' lasted long,
                     With 'Queen' and even 'Spice Girls',
                     You would burst out in song.
                     With Steph & Robyn on roller blades
                     Down our Boulevard,
                     Then you tried on my high heels,
                     But found that rather hard
                    At the cottage on vacation,
                    Enjoying that black tire
                    Did Aunt Roz say you tipped it
                    To dunk me in the mire?
                    You studied hard at college
                    A part of the ‘in crowd’
                    Working for the Police Department,
                    Pompa WOULD be proud.
                    With high taste in your coffee,
                    And high class in your man,
                    You and Brent, united now,
                    Th’end to a perfect plan.
                    And so I have some wishes, 
                    On this your special day,
                    Determination to make tomorrow
                    Better than today
                    Hope to make you happy
                    And that, to keep you sweet,
                    Failure, to be humble
                    To keep you on your feet.
                    Success to keep you eager,
                    Friends to comfort, give,
                    Love for one another,
                    An abundant life to live.
                   And then, of course, in due time,
                   Now the nest, you’ve flown,
                   Hopefully, your old Nana’ll see
                   Children of your own.

Sunday, 18 June 2017

A Father's Blessing

                  As youngest son, I always sensed
                  From many of the brothers,
                  True or not, they’d put me down,
                  I wasn’t like the others.
                 A few days prior to passing on,
                 A blessing I was giv’n      
                 From my beloved, aged dad,
                 Before he moved to Heav’n.
                 His health was failing faster now
                 The family rallied ‘round,
                 My eldest bro from ‘cross the sea,
                 Was heading ‘homeward bound’.
                While visiting, - a daily rite,
                To spend some ‘qual’ty time’,
                I mentioned ‘bout th'upcoming trip,
                I’ll ne’er forget this line.
                “You’ll not need me tomorrow night
                To visit with you, dad,
                Your number one son will be here,
                Of that you will be glad”.
                His response caused a tear to form,
                To hear it, I felt blest
                “You’re every bit as important,
                As any of the rest”
                Thank you, dad, 
                I NEEDED that assurance.